Life Is Full Of Beauties and Surprises

Sanjit Bakshi
6 min readJul 14, 2021
Life Is Full Of Beauties

Beauty can mean different things to different people. For some, life is full of beauties and surprises. For others, it will mean that life is good. Yet others will interpret it as meaning that life is aesthetically pleasing. Beauty includes everything that promotes a healthy and happy life, everything that makes a collection of buildings into a place, everything that turns anywhere into somewhere, and nowhere into home. It is not merely a visual characteristic, but is revealed in the deep harmony between a place and those who settle there. So understood, beauty should be an essential condition for planning permission.

Life is beautiful, but not always. It has lots of problems you have to face every day. Don’t worry though! All these problems make you strong; it gives you courage to stand alone in future. Life is full of moments of joy, pleasure, success and comfort punctuated by misery, defeat, failures and problems. There is no human being on Earth, strong, powerful, wise or rich, who has not experienced, struggle, suffering or failure. You have to work hard to reach the highest position. Life is full of paths; you just have to choose the right one. Life is interesting and amazing like the stars up in the skies.


Seven reasons why life is beautiful:

  1. Love: Even a barren, desert place can become beautiful with the presence of love. Indeed, many people would argue that life cannot be truly beautiful in the absence of love and that by loving; we help to fulfill our purpose on earth. Love is something that all people can experience, regardless of their age, gender, colour, size, shape, location or socioeconomic background. This arguably makes it one of the most beautiful aspects of life, because it is free and open to all and this in itself is something beautiful.

2. The people we share life with:

Our friends, family and other loved ones enrich our lives with their uniqueness and their support. So can strangers that we meet along the way. Life is even more beautiful when it is shared with those that we love, and this experience of sharing and interacting with others is a beautiful one in its own right.

3. Fulfilling our goals:

We all have talents, blessed with some unique qualities, and we all have things that we are passionate about. One of the things that can make life especially beautiful is pursuing those dreams and following our passions. By so doing, we often gain a profound sense that our life is worthwhile. This is because for many people, true beauty is linked to a sense of purposefulness, and particularly with having a good purpose in life.

Being alive is a privilege

4. Being alive is a privilege:

When you think about all of the odds that have been overcome for life on earth to develop and when you consider all the human beings who have not lived to the same age that you are at now, it is clear that you are in possession of a fantastic privilege simply by being alive. Any biologist will tell you that there are many billions and trillions of ways in which DNA can combine in order to create a unique human being. And yet, only a small fraction of possible human beings have ever been born. That makes you very special, just by virtue of your existence — and everyone else is very special too, for the same reason.

The ability to make a change

5. The ability to make a change:

We should all try to leave the world a better place than we found it. This is another one of the beauties of life that we can use the time that we have to improve the world for other people and to make life even more beautiful in the process. We can all agree that doing good deeds is a beautiful thing and something that has beautiful results as well.


6. Surprises:

Life is full of surprises. Whether it is a new perspective on the world that an acquaintance or a book introduces you to, or whether it is just a new culinary dish that you sample for the first time, life always has new things for us to discover. There is something beautiful in this endless variety.

The world around us

7. The world around us:

The wonders of biodiversity and the mysteries of the heavens can provide us with peace, tranquility and occasions for learning at any moment of the day. Whether hiking through remote mountains or just relaxing in our own garden or the local park, there is beauty all around us if we just take a moment to appreciate it.

With no doubt, Life is beautiful and full of celebrations. However you should always be ready to face adversity and challenges. There are difficult situations in life as well.

People die, life changes, people come and go but guess what you have to go with it however much it hurts. You miss people who were in your life, that’s the way they remind you that they still exist in your life. I know the feeling of that, I miss my handsome uncle as well but I know we can never meet again. I know he is not here anymore. So, what I will still love him the most in my life. People say forget the past, live in the present and save the future for tomorrow. I think that is true, but I cannot forget my past; it has all those beautiful moments which mean the world to me. It is the hardest thing but I just try try try and try. Don’t give up or lose hope on anything.

Life is beautiful. Life is the most precious gift of God. Life shows all its colours and shades which may be dark and bright. The dark shades of life make us realize the depth of life because life is just not just a bed of roses. As it is rightly said, “The stream would have no song if it wouldn’t have rocks in its beds”. So, the trying, enduring episodes of life make us more insightful and patient. They make us view life from a different perspective, and help us explore new possibilities. The pains and sufferings in life make us judge the importance of pleasure that is the beauty of life.

So, dear friend, please think a bit about your own life! Instead of constantly dealing with the negative aspects of our lives, we should make ourselves conscious that we have a great chance given and that we can take every step necessary to make our lives even more beautiful. If we risk an even closer look onto our lives we might even notice that it is already really amazing. It just depends on our mindsets and our perspectives. As Ashley Smith quotes, “life is full of beauty. Notice it.”

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Sanjit Bakshi

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