How to live well with others

How to live well with others

As social creatures, we enjoy and need relationships. Relationships fulfill our need to love and be loved and to feel accepted by others. Our relationships also enrich lives as we discover how others see the world and we hear about their experiences and knowledge.

At the beginning of my journey, I thought that my understanding of living a good life was to its fullest by learning more aspects and views of living a meaningful life. In these various aspects, I studied, I learned that everyone has different ideas of living a good life. Some people find happiness in riches, others in things less physical. More so, people seek making themselves happy, others in making people happy that will lead in being happy themselves. There are so many models and paths that will lead to happiness, but all have the same solution that is if you’re happy with yourself, you are living a good life.

Establishing relationships can be difficult. Many of us fear being rejected by others if we attempt to make friends. If we develop a healthy self-image, we are less likely to be rejected. Others tend to see us as we see ourselves. When we establish relationships, we may try to present the self we think the other person will like and accept. However, we should show others a genuine, or real and honest, self. If we present a fake or perfect self, we may feel the need to play that role in the future. To establish and develop healthy relationships, we need to communicate well. We often take our ability to communicate for granted, but we shouldn’t. Communication is a learned skill.

There are two different types of communication: verbal and nonverbal. Verbal communication describes messages sent through the written or spoken word. Nonverbal communication messages are sent through facial expressions or body movements. Verbal and nonverbal messages should match or we will send mixed messages to others. Listening is probably the most difficult communication skill to learn and practice. As we listen to others, we should have a clear mind that is focused on what is being said. We should let the speaker know that we are listening. And we should wait until the speaker is done before we respond. Acknowledging, reporting, sharing, revealing, and communing are the five levels of communication.

Acknowledging, or showing others you recognize them, and reporting, or telling others facts, are the shallowest levels of communication. Acquaintances usually speak on these levels. Friends, however, will also share ideas, reveal feelings, and commune, or feel totally at ease and deeply connected to one another. Friends can disclose themselves to one another because they trust one another. They also show affection and respect for one another. Living well with others, each other have different opinions and ideas. Because they can be assertive with one another, they are able to resolve conflicts in ways that are agreeable to both persons. Some relationships are not healthy and cause hurt. Child abuse occurs when an adult hurts a child. Child abuse includes physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, and emotional abuse. The law protects children from these abuses. Physical, sexual, and emotional abuse can also occur in relationships between one child and another, and between one adult and another. No one should permit another person to abuse him or her. There are hotlines that any person who is abused or who commits abuse can call for help.

There are many ways to live a happy life, but we should always behave well with others. Whenever we meet any person, there should be smile on face. The other person must get positive and good vibes being with us. We See should just live well.

Sanjit Bakshi: Director at the “Oriental Infrastructure Engineers”. Well-known for exceptionally unique and the visionary insights for conceptualizing, idealizing, and analyzing the business models and projects.




Master’s in Business Administration with majors in finance from the Columbia Business School.

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Sanjit Bakshi

Sanjit Bakshi

Master’s in Business Administration with majors in finance from the Columbia Business School.

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